Human Canvas, trade book, edition of 1000
Human Canvas, trade book, edition of 1000 
Klimt Inspired I Magritte Inspired I Monet Inspired IV Marc Inspired I
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21st Editions

9 New Venture Dr, #1  
02660 South Dennis  

Introducing a new artist, Wesley Channell,who takes inspiration from the Masters like Van Gogh, Klimt, Dali, Magritte, Monet etc and uses the human body as his canvas.  He tells the narrative of the collaboration with the model, the bodypainter and the photographer through the images.  We have published a book "Human Canvas" that offers an interview with the artist and 58 images from which you can choose to order as a print.  Each image is available in 3 sizes (48x32", 60x40" and 72x48")