Edward WESTON, Pepper # 30 August 1930
Edward WESTON, Pepper # 30 August 1930 
Edward WESTON, Eggs and Slicer, 1930 Edward WESTON, Cabbage Leaf Edward WESTON, Clouds, Santa Monica, 1936 Edward WESTON, Clouds, Santa Monica
Edward WESTON, Succulent  Edward WESTON, Nude 101N (Fay Fuqua), 1933   Edward WESTON, Diego Rivera, 1930  Edward WESTON, Eroded Rock, Point Lobos, 1929 Edward WESTON, Stone Crop and Cypress, 1930 

Alan Klotz

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March 24th was Edward Weston’s birthday, and as I look around the inventory I see we have a number of his photographs, not just one or two… an embarrassment of riches, if you will. We also have a couple of his son Brett’s most popular images “Garrapata Beach”, and “Canal, Holland”, in rare, true vintage form. I wanted to show them off via posts to our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but this being the anniversary of Edward’s birth I thought a full-fledged website exhibition would be in order.