Stickybeak by Julie Cockburn - published by Chose Commune
Stickybeak by Julie Cockburn - published by Chose Commune 
Campaign Child by Xiaopeng Yuan - published by Loose Joints Notes on Ordinary Spaces by Ola Rindal - published by Libraryman Amour by Claudine Doury - published by Chose Commune Sugar Paper Theories by Jack Latham - published by Here Press
I Close My Eyes, Then I Drift Away by Katrien De Blauwer - published by Libraryman  Conference of The Birds by Sybren Vanoverberghe - published by Art Paper Editions   People of the Mud by Luis Alberto Rodriguez - published by Loose Joints  Photographs by Jack Davison - published by Loose Joints Mongrelism by Jono Rotman - published by Here Press 

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Citizen Editions is a North American distributor of photobooks from publishers all over the world. We represent some of the most exciting and dynamic bookmakers working and help get their titles into bookstores and onto bookshelves.