An American School Girl (p. 6), 2020, 24x18 inches, ©Joseph Maida
An American School Girl (p. 6), 2020, 24x18 inches, ©Joseph Maida 
A _____________ Household, Mr + Mrs ____________ and family, (pp. 48-9), 2020, 18x24 inches, ©Joseph Maida All Like Baseball and Other Sports (pp. 90-1), 2020, 18x24 inches, ©Joseph Maida A Tractor and Diesel Expert. . . . And a Student of Diplomacy (pp. 78-9), 2020, 18x24 inches, ©Joseph Maida The Office of Reports Publishes the ____________ Free Press. . . . (pp. 34-5), 2020, 18x24 inches, ©Joseph Maida
The Human Challenge Rise Over All America. (pp. 30-1), 2020, 18x24 inches, ©Joseph Maida  ___________________ (pp.18-9), Neg not in LC, 2020, 18x24 inches, ©Joseph Maida   Is Her Future Only a Hope and Not an Assurance? (p.23), 2020, 24x18 inches, ©Joseph Maida    


New York, New York  

Joseph Maida's photographic collage series, "Born Free, Born Equal," reconstructs Ansel Adams' 1944 MoMA exhibition catalog by layering Adams' vintage negatives and prints onto the catalog pages while obscuring specific faces, names, ethnicities, and dates. This work illuminates the past's timely relationship to the present and punctuates the far-seeing power of Adams' documents as they intersect with issues of equality, social justice, and photography's impact in the 21st century.