Gregory Halpern, 'Hands, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018.
Gregory Halpern, 'Hands, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018. 
Gregory Halpern, 'James in Car, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018. Gregory Halpern, 'Card Game, Nebraska Youth Correctional Facility, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018 Gregory Halpern, 'Omaha, NE (Pigeon in Snow),' 2005-2018. Gregory Halpern, 'John, Service Clerk, Cubby's Grocery Store, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018.
Gregory Halpern, 'Boy Scouts 1, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018  Gregory Halpern, 'Lincoln Continental, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018.   Gregory Halpern, 'Omaha, NE (Sun Through Willows), 2005-2018  Gregory Halpern, 'Emilio, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018. Gregory Halpern, 'Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Omaha, NE,' 2005-2018. 


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Gregory Halpern has been photographing in Omaha, Nebraska, for the past 15 years, steadily compiling a lyrical, if equivocal response to the American Heartland. Halpern's series 'Omaha Sketchbook' explores notions of cognitive dissonance and unexpected harmonies, playing on a sense of simultaneous repulsion and attraction to the place. The series is ultimately a meditation on America, on the men and boys who inhabit it, and on the mechanics of aggression, inadequacy, and power.