Annie at church, Série Outremonde, 2018
Annie at church, Série Outremonde, 2018 
The runaway boy, Série Outremonde, 2018 Raven, Série Outremonde, 2018 The ministry of church, Série Outremonde, 2017 Maryann and Jack-Jack, Série Outremonde, 2017
Pastor Dave preaching, Série Outremonde, 2017  Raven and Michael, Série Outremonde, 2017       

Les Filles Du Calvaire

17 rue des Filles-du-Calvaire  
75003 Paris    

Laura Henno will present her series made in US. She immerses herself in the Californian desert, at the lost Slab City. Emblem of an America at the size of an infamous camp of outsiders, here the pioneer life is lived out in dreams become nightmare.
Henno enters into dialogue with the full history of American photography, paying tribute to the photographers who, starting with Dorothea Lange up to William Eggleston, would create our visual imaginary of the Global South