"Why" from the book "Los Sumergidos"
"Why" from the book "Los Sumergidos" 
Cover of the book "Los Sumergidos" Cover of the book "Carpoolers", Third Edition "Los Sumergidos", a story by... "Ginevra's interview" from the book "Los Sumergidos"
"Carpoolers", Third Edition with signed poster  A spread from the book "Los Sumergidos"       

Los Sumergidos

226 Old Barrington Road  
12534 Hudson



Los Sumergidos is a publishing collective of bookmakers of Latin American descent specializing primarily in photography-centered work. We aim to produce and present contemporary Latin American photography books to a global audience. Los Sumergidos is also the title of our first collaborative publication.
We function as authors, producers, and distributors, but we identify as a collaborative/collective. Our founding members are Alejandro Cartagena and Carlos Loret de Mola.