Let's Go Back To Mining, Restricted with Dorothy Napurrurla Dickson, 2014-2018
Let's Go Back To Mining, Restricted with Dorothy Napurrurla Dickson, 2014-2018 
Hip-Hop Gospel and Tanami, Restricted with Athena Nangala Granites , 2014-2018 You Still Can't See the Aliens, Restricted with Sarah Napaljarri Sims, 2014 - 2018 Which Way, Restricted with Jessica Napanangka Lewis , 2014-2018 What's the Light Light Dark Dark Point Point, Restricted in workshop at Warlukurlangu Art Centre , 2014-2018
Follow, Restricted with Hazel Nungarrayi Morris, 2014-2018  32 front and side portraits   She Gone to Town, 2014 - 2018  You Have To Get There Early Early, Restricted with Athena Nangala Granites, 2014 - 2018 Captain Cook speaking at The Royal Society, Australian Children's Pictorial Social Studies, 1958, Revised with Julie Nangala Robertson, 2014-2018 

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Over five years, Patrick Waterhouse lived, worked and made photographs within the Warlpiri communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi. Waterhouse then invited community members to restrict the prints using traditional dot painting. By handing the control of representation to those who have in the past been denied it, the project renegotiates ideas of agency, representation and autonomy in photography and in history.